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AntonellaEYE Porcelluzzi radically rewrote texts by Mina Loy and Theresa of Avila, and interpreted them in accord with the musical language of Deaf Society. A few short qoutes from wikipedia: Mina Loy (1882 – 1966), was a British artist, writer, poet, playwright, novelist, futurist, feminist. Saint Teresa of Ávila (1515 –1582), was a prominent Spanish mystic, Roman Catholic saint, Carmelite nun and author during the Counter Reformation, and theologian of contemplative life through mental prayer. .....................................................

Antonella: "Music enhances the possibilities to express the poetic message, and connects to all ancient traditions where poetry was always sung or told on music, by linking music rhythm and verses rhythmic. I use French since I’m living in Marseille, I mix it more and more with Italian, which is my mothertongue, English and German. I come from writing, I write texts and the texts for my films. I never studied music, and as for my voice, other singers and poets encourage me not to take lessons but use my own feeling and culture, and I also can count on very good ears, which contribute to form my taste. Moreover, since film includes also sound, I had to consider seriously the sound question. The circle closed when I started to work my texts in music, since my sensitivity for sound was enhanced. Image (camera, photo, sketches), written words and sound were equally enhanced at once. I work for long periods on the same poet, by studying many poets at once, a few continue to stay near to me, so I spent years on Dante Alighieri, I made a personal Divine Comedy in film (three longs), and my next film which I now prepare also bases on a work of Dante, « La Vita Nova », one of his juvenile poems. Therese of Avila belongs to the authors whose company I have been enjoying for years, her style is unique and her spirituality already touched the imagination of many artists. I am mostly influenced from poets who both care for the divine and for the human side, struggling for a personal vision of the divine, that’s why I can link a nun and a futurist feminist like Mina Loy in the same work, what I did when I proposed those texts to Ivan. I’m fascinated by contrasts, by dialectic thinking and development of the contrast. I believe a work containing and overcoming contrasts is full of life and gets to be topic. Alchemy, which is my first issue, is another term for Dialectic, it is more complex in its philosophical path, even if Alchemy doesn’t really apply to politics, which much interests me. Another author influencing me is in fact Pasolini. As for « The Velocity of Velocities », I liked to work on old texts and rewrite, modify them in the sense of current issues, and link them to Ivan’s tech-music, drones and machine ambient. This experimental lust is very present in our record. Working with Ivan was very interesting in terms of alchemy, since we arrived in a short time to an instinctive reciprocal comprehension, his contribution and mine mixing to create further mystery and deepness than I had normally reached with my texts and voice. The result of our common efforts was suddenly amazing." Links: https://www.facebook.com/antonella.porcelluzzi.58 (communication)http://aaynil.tumblr.com (poetry blog)https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB63eI1tCHQ919T5D_2cU0w (film/public chain) https://vimeo.com/user27018431 (film/public chain)

https://soundcloud.com/antonella-aynil-porcelluzzi (sound poetry/songs)

https://antonellaaynilporcelluzzi.wordpress.com (general)

https://antonellaeyeaynilporcelluzzi.bandcamp.com (music Albums) ................................................................................................... Ivan Murlika was born in Transnistria and used to live in Saint-Petersburg and Berlin. Mostly was famous for the musical performances using trained fleas. Trained in classical music and traditional popular instruments of Rumania, I’m fascinated by the movement towards the machine, and their sound-potential, so I move more and more towards contemporary experimental music, ambient drone and electronic.     https://soundcloud.com/deafsociety https://deafsociety.bandcamp.com/ https://vk.com/id95244741 https://vk.com/id95244741?z=album95244741_196904460 (works of art) https://www.facebook.com/ivanmurlika  
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