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Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi & Michael Schaffer – The Secret Circle [CD-Rom+Download]

The Bardo Thödol, (བར ད ཐ ས ག ལ,) meaning Liberation by Listening in the Intermediate States or Tibetan Book of the Dead is a text describing the states of consciousness and perception that occur during the period from death to rebirth. The study of his life or the recitation of the main chapter by a lama during the agony or after death is supposed to help release the cycle of reincarnations, or at least to obtain a better reincarnation.

Several are the appealing elements to make a record inspired to this book. First of all to make it better known and especially in a sound form. Since this opus deals exactly with a « Liberation by Listening », letting my voice and Michael’s music serve this purpose is a real joy, and hopefully it works well for you.

Second, the Liberation does not regard only Death but principally Life, liberation from fears makes life livable and let the gifts implied in every Life unfold and develop. Also the ability to risk, risk to demand, risk to express, risk to be joyful, risk to get out of prejudice and false ideas about sin, guilt, burdens, merits, blockages, as well in education and in the display of social hierarchies.

Third, when we started to work at this album covid appeared, letting the reality and the fearing of death rise with unprecedented violence and at a worldwide extent. Social hierarchies have been thus building and fixing anew, and on purpose. Letting us step back, by missing freedom.

We are artists, not lamas, we don’t pretend to relieve people, but there is a burden of positive responsibility we can take on ourselves by releasing this work and offering it to the public. With our Best Wishes of Liberation. 
coverart: Glove of Bones

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