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label for electronic, psychedelic, ambient, experimental, modularism, electro-acustic, free form, innovation —————————– distributed worldwide on any portals ————-

Aaaaaah.......what a strange exciting springtime in outer laboratories!
Michael is gently carrying seeds to their growing graves pouring them with electricity
from a little thunder can......while I am speaking in tongues having a brain climax in the daffodils....
we are calling the grand mistress of insects....and there she comes with earrings of elder, her hair
falls down like the cataracts of Sodom, sweet AragaiN of death. And the blood of the bees of Red State
Rose are flying indescribable formations.....so I`m chanting:“Oh Fräulein Irmgard, my bitter prune, will you
dance with us in the plum garden and tell us about the mystery of love and betrayal?“
And she answered in a flowery girlish voice:“ Call me by my name, unworthy lizard, creeping priest!
I am Alia-L, mother of Naon and the carrier of light is my servant!
RE SEL GAN ARONOS CRONA GITAT ARONIS SAL!!!! This is the mystery! Then, as quick as a twisted
flea, she is biting my head off, eating my dreams like unborn chicks and I`am thrown
to another dimension called:“Stille Purga“, where I have to masturbate forever to the humming
of a million fever flies under a laughing lampshade....
And Michael, the seed multiplier of eden, is ascending to „Alpha Trismegistos“, the final district of
the thing we call „Space“....picking planets as if they were redcurrants, creating awsome infinite
scapes for the deaf ears of the fallen.....
And every single bloodbird in the copper beeches is screaming out my love poems now
while I am still walled in here, my lips sewed up with Alia-L`s hair, have to be silent silent silent!!!
This is Birdmachine 2012....Stille Purga, Grande Opera of insects, Coup De Grace, Liber Mutus
like a scream in your head!
You are not alone....still have the mirrors, have the flies...listen and multiply!!!!

Birdmachine is:
Michael Schaffer -- all instruments and flying machines
Chris Goellnitz -- lyrics, sliced up vocal chords, Wasserstimmen, depressive body transformation
(while singing of love)

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