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Over the past decade My Silent Wake have carved their name into the annals of music history. They have become one of the most admired bands in the doom/death metal scene with incredible albums of unsurpassed depth, like the revered A Garland Of Tears and 2015s stunning Damnatio Memoriae opus. However, alongside their formidable melancholy metal releases the band have a whole other side to their musical character. They have stripped their music down to its acoustic essentials both live and on album, and with releases like the acclaimed Eye Of The Needle they have ventured into the world of dark ambience. My Silent Wake have proved themselves as adept with undulating waves of sound as with spirit crushing riffs. After drawing a line under the first ten years of their existence with the successful collection, An Unbroken Threnody 2005 – 2015, My Silent Wake have begun the next chapter of their career with perhaps their most intriguing and adventurous album to date. To create the unique sounds of Invitations to Imperfection the band used over thirty different instruments – from zithers to mandolins, pump organs to karimbas...plus quite literally parts of the kitchen sink. They recorded in a variety of locations, harvesting the sounds that resonated with the vision in their hearts and added the final deft touches by utilising the synth skills of Attrition’s Martin Bowes. Anything that was needed to create the perfect sound, the perfect ambience, the perfect atmosphere. The result is a very special album – deeply affecting, quietly powerful; something that can draw the listener into themselves, inspiring reflection and Revelation.

The project CORIUM is presenting now a lava-like mixture of industrial, musique concrète and ambient atmospheres.. The heterogenous nature of the CORIUM is based on a tension field which is generated by the two founding members Michael Schaffer and Matt Weigand. The musical roots of ambient and studio artist and guitarist M.Schaffer are located in projects such as Birdmachine, Indian Tree Pie or Monoflow and vary from experimental abstraction to a clear harmonic form. Nearly standing opposite to his rather musical approach is the intonation of non-musician M. Weigand. His early musical education ocurred via 7 Minutes of Nausea, End of Silence and XQM. While Schaffer is co-running the label for ambient and free sounds named opa loka records, Weigand is the owner of ecocentric records, well known for its harsh and noisy obsessions. Common to both members of CORIUM is a gift to fill the room with sculptures made of tones and frequencies - this room is simply shining in the blaze of the CORIUM ! The structures are yielding in an unique complexion of constructing/desconstructing euphony and -due to their will for transcendency- are interferring with entchanting additives to put the listener onto a magic journey alongside the dreamtime. So please be prepared to get melt down - and listen to the Corium!

Low is a third and last album from an album trilogy by Gintas K. The first one was Lovely Banalities (Crónica, 2009), second – Slow (Bascaru, 2013). In Low Gintas K continues to explore microgranulated textures, deconstruction of melodic elements, and sonic plasticities that are altogether melted into blurred colors of acidulous tonalities and dynamic mixtures of metallic sonic palettes. Eleven short melancholic reminiscent pieces are presented in the Album.
The end of a world never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion." The second Kamalarabin album offers ritual trance occult esoteric lo fi  religious arab folk power electronics ambient dub terror horror music and field recordings.   Double CD Digipack with Bonus CD Rom and Gadgets ! playing card, stamp, slide and Eritrea paper    

_DSC7275_DxOn_webBass-clarinet and electronics player Henk Bakker (a.k.a. Subterraneanact) is a mainstay in the Rotterdam improv scene, and co-runs the famous Worm studio. Knob twiddler Rutger Zuydervelt (a.k.a. Machinefabriek) is mainly known for being ridiculously prolific. For a gig at Worm, organizer Lukas Simonis came up with the idea to pair Henk and Rutger for a live performance, their first as a duo. They happily accepted the challenge, but not without planning a improv session to rehearse. With Henk on bass clarinet and live manipulation, and Rutger using his analogue tone generator, contact mics, tapes and effects, the two hit it off like a pressure-cooker. Without wasting time to discuss any plans, they simply communicated through their unrestrained, boisterous sounds. In the two hours they spend together, 90 minute of music was recorded. After some editing, the album ‘Persistent Objects’ took shape, and is now released on CD by Opa Loka Records.


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