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Ian Arkley – Two (CD + Download)

Recorded acoustically in Arfryn, south west Wales, Two is an album of intertwining tales and layers of sound. It somehow combines a stark simplicity with a fecund complexity, an earthy reality with a gently unnerving, yet deeply enthralling magic. Shamanistic and visionary, folkloric and hypnotic, ancient and as fresh as the new day, Two moves through a myriad of moods and textures.

Ian Arkley – One (CD + Download)

Created in the Welsh countryside at Ian Arkley’s home studio Arfryn. Everything written, played, mixed and produced by Mr Arkley. Psychedelia, neofolk, ambience and improvisation all come into play here.Ian started his music in the eighties with the thrash band Seventh Angel. He went on to form the doom bands Ashen Mortality and My Silent Wake and has played with a range of bands and musicians over the years. This album was created using many instruments including harmonium, didgeridoo, various acoustic percussion, mandolin, guitar, manipulated recordings, speach and vocals which were improvised.

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