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label for electronic, psychedelic, ambient, experimental, modularism, electro-acustic, free form, innovation —————————– distributed worldwide on any portals ————-

The person behind KRAFT is Rotterdam based Robert Hofman. After release of debut album ''Gelag van Zwartgeklede kraaien'' of his band Osewoudt which was received very well in the Neo-folk scene he found himself with a gap as live shows don't happen very often in the small scene. One night he attempted to ruin and rebuild a friends jazz demo which later became the very first song of this album called '' The Dreadful hours ''. At first it was all about personal trouble and difficulties of life. Later the love for Muslimgauze became an influence and being friends with musicians from Ukraine the protests and conflict and even a war in that country became one of the main topics of the story told in this album. Various instruments were bought and used and new friends were made. Osewoudt member Stefan Hayes (also black metal band ''Terzij de Horde''/Lanterns slide past a.o) decided to add music and later Rotterdam based Ukrainian singer/musician Kate Orange, Varunna guitarist Dennis Lamb and Richard Leviathan (Ostara/Strength through Joy/Death in june) joined to add to the whole
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