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label for electronic, psychedelic, ambient, experimental, modularism, electro-acustic, free form, innovation —————————– distributed worldwide on any portals ————-

Monsta (Boaz Bentur) Monsta is a solo project by Boaz Bentur, Bass player and producer from north of Israel combining elements from psychedelic music, electronic and experimental. Always diverse and always changing , this project moves between distorted electronic beats to ambience and meditative music. After realising his debut Ep “Nepture” in 2018, which was more electronic and experimental , Monsta is releasing a second album – “3”. This album is a part from a series of live psychedelic/meditative sessions performed in special locations and atmospheres when people are lying down on the floor with eyes closed. Boaz Bentur is as well a member of the band Tiny Fingers , Octans and moreprojects in the alternative music scene in Israel.

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