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label for electronic, psychedelic, ambient, experimental, modularism, electro-acustic, free form, innovation —————————– distributed worldwide on any portals ————-

Chi Machine -- "I bow to all ascetics"
The first Chi Machine album "I bow to all ascetics" varies from esoteric ambient beats and sampling of jain chants to psychedelic soundscapes. Namo Arihantanam -- I bow down to all Arihantas. Namo Siddhanam -- I bow down to all Siddhas. Namo Ayariyanam -- I bow down to all Acharyas. Namo Uvajjhayanam -- I bow down to Upadhyayas. Namo Loe Savvasahunam -- I bow down to all the Sadhus and Sadhvis.I bow down to him whose all passions like attachment and malice, which sow the seeds of birth and rebirth, have been destroyed.  All instruments by Michael Schaffer. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Schaffer at Machina Elektrika.
"The end of a world never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion."  The second Kamalarabin album offers ritual trance occult esoteric lo fi  religious arab folk power electronics ambient dub terror horror music and field recordings. "Alessandro Di Salvia is the master of mind transforming musical shamanism. His work is skillfull in every respect, it' s highly innovative and -what I call a special advantage- it's radical." (Michael Schaffer, opa loka records)... First 300 copies of KAMALARABIN "Arab Tapes Vol.1"  come with gadgets!/ stamp, card, slide and eritrea's paper (farmaceutical parfumed paper).                                    

Explorative ambient sound picked up with elements of middle eastern etno world dub oriental ritual trip hop glitch noise experimental... drone in a very personal low fi d.i.y. protest analogic live improvised style , with vintage synths,circuit bending instruments ,reel tapes ,effects, drones, and broken computers.

First 300 copies of KAMALARABIN "Geosophy" come with gadgets!/ religion info sheets(santini), mini weapon toys, coins and eritrea's paper (farmaceutical parfumed paper).                                    

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